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Topics: Housing
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All Weather Roof Tiles

All Weather Roof Tiles

Most roofing tiles are metal which easily corrode, or are made of bricks or concrete materials that are heavy and easily breaks due to drastic changes in weather. The present tile relates to a roofing tiles comprising a unitary body having a base and opposed first and second connecting edges extending from said base to interconnect with an identical roof tile, characterize in that the base is provided with a rigid polyurethane foam, and a top coat made of elastomeric paint is provided on the rigid polyurethane foam to form an all weather-proof roof tile.

Long Description

It is the main object of the present roof tile model to provide for a roofing tile that is all-weather proof.

Another object of the present model is to provide for a roofing tile that is lightweight and easy to handle, transport and install.

Still, another object of the present model is to provide for a roofing tile which can easily handle, transport and install.

These and other objects and advantages of the present model will become apparent upon reading of the ensuing detailed description taken in conjunction with the appended drawings.

Detailed description of the preferred embodiment and the brief description of the drawings will be sent to your good office upon request.


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tags: IKEA, Citymaking

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