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Creative Professional / Multiple topics

Future Vision: educational data collection fo...

Future Vision is furniture for transit hubs that increases community resilience by sharing information & enhancing civic connections. ...

Created by johanna hoffman
Student / Housing


Nature is future. Can we replace plastics in furniture industry? Beleaf is a new material made from mixture of fallen leaves and bio resin. ...

Created by Simon Kern
Creative Professional / Multiple topics

heat wind

A 3d printable wind mill that collect energy from the wind and thermal electric. ...

Created by Manuel Zaragoza
Creative Professional / Housing

All Weather Roof Tiles

Most roofing tiles are metal which easily corrode, or are made of bricks or concrete materials that are heavy and easily breaks due to drastic changes ...

Created by reynaldo cruz
Creative Professional / Multiple topics

House standard 2.0

The Standard future of house lies in new frontier technology that can make the house smarter and more energy efficient. ...

Created by Manuel Zaragoza · 2 Comments
Creative Professional / Multiple topics

Post Earthquake Reconstruction in NW Tanzania...

Compressed Stabilized Earth Block Construction for post-Earthquake Recovery in NW Tanzania ...

Created by James Kyles

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