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Track: Start-up
Topics: Water, Energy, Food
Location: ann arbor

Abaca Games: Empowering Climate Action Through Video Games

Abaca Games: Empowering Climate Action Through Video Games

Abaca Games is an indie game startup that helps people learn climate actions. Our first game lets you plant real trees just by playing.

Long Description

We are creating an addicting and fun game that teaches players about climate action, all while raising money towards climate adaptation projects in the Global South. Set in real-world locations, players make in-game choices with varying consequences on CO2 emissions. In one level, players must keep emissions low enough to prevent algal blooms from taking over the North America’s Great Lakes. Just as Oregon Trail taught history, we are hoping to inspire a new generation with a fun way to learn about climate change and how to fight it. We hope to encourage young people to take their environmental future into their own hands, as well as give them an easy way to contribute to adaptation in the Global South. The Global South produces the least greenhouse gas emissions, yet they bare the brunt of the consequences. Because of this climate injustice, we believe it is important to reduce our own emissions while also empowering those most affected by climate change to adapt. As you advance through the game, money generated by in-game advertisements is donated to a regenerative agroforestry project run by Third Millennium Alliance ( This project focuses on safeguarding local peoples water, soil and livelihoods in a changing world, by planting diverse cacao forests in degraded pasture land. Players can gauge their contribution visually with virtual trees they grow from seeds. Besides the obvious message of taking responsibility for climate change, we are empowering people to start taking climate action today!

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