Current Project phase:

  • 1 1: Initiate Phase
  • 2 2: Nominate Phase
  • 3 3: Improve Phase
  • 4 4: Triumph Phase
  • 5 5: Accelerate Phase
  • 6 6: Make it Happen Phase
Track: Start-up
Topics: Water, Energy, Food
Location: Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan



Climate Change and Adaptation Campaign aims to increase general public and all stakeholders’ awareness, and their individual and joint actions, which can lead to big contribution in reduce climate change and adapt effectively. The campaign is the inspiration of the Campaign ‘You Control Climate Change ‘ (2006) of the European Commission which aims to inform individuals about climate change, initiate pro-active dialogues, and aims for behavioral changes without affecting individuals’ everyday life by giving them a sense of empowerment and personal responsibility. This campaign is a mixture of consultation; energy efficiency and sustainability measure increase the general level of awareness. The campaign addresses different group’s i.e youth, children, academics, community, social leaders and organizations to aware, inform and engage them to pro-actively adapt to climate change and achieve long-term lasting behavioral changes to have a wide-ranging impact on the society.

Long Description

The region we operate in is terrorism stricken and have low literacy rate. In the recent years there is increase in the temperature and floods, and heavy rain is affecting the region and its people. Majority of the population lives in rural region and urban regions being densely populated and displaced, are unaware of the vulnerability of the climate and importance of the adaptability to have positive impact on the climate change. Individuals, general crowd and majority of the organizations and community groups are neither informed nor empowered regarding their greater role in reducing climate change. With the support of FNF Pakistan and School of Leadership, we have conducted 11 workshops,  community seminars and number of meetings across different regions to increase the level of awareness in the youth, public and other stakeholders. We do understand that adaptation to climate change in our region requires the conjoint efforts of individuals, youth, academia, community & representatives from other sector and this campaign is effective in bringing all key stakeholders on same page. This campaign will address different groups of people and organization to ensure that individuals and groups on sub regional and regional understand the impact of the climate change and take actions to contribute positively to the climate change. The tagline of the campaign is, “contributing to environment friendly practices on individual and community level”, thus Involvement of public and key stakeholders in the campaign will make it more effective and this will increase credibility of the campaign to achieve long term lasting behavioral changes.

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