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Creative Professional / Multiple topics


The LokaliteitenKabinet is a physical and digital resources exchange platform; an object part of the internet of things fostering industrial ecology. ...

Created by Johnny Kerkhof
Start-up / Multiple topics

Water Independence: just add sea and sun

Desolenator is a patented desalination technology that uses just sunlight to purify water from ANY source (seawater, brackish, contaminated) into 100% ...

Created by Louise Bleach
Creative Professional / Energy

Renewable Heat Energy Engine

Conventional engines convert heat energy into Mechanical energy.The heat supplied to the engine by burning fuel.Here is concept of engine which conver ...

Created by Shashikant Garud
Student / Energy

Electric Spokes – IKEA-Innovated, 100% ...

Electric Spokes is a wind turbine made from recycled materials that is so simple to assemble, it’s like IKEA furniture. It costs $40 because we pay fo ...

Created by Hojung Kim · 1 Comment
Student / Multiple topics


A water circular economy solution through, building sustainable, resilient, repairable, water and sanitation infrastructure through a process of energ ...

Created by Martin Kiyeng
Creative Professional / Water


The smartroof is a testsite of a greenroof wich can store 5 to 7 times more water than a normal greenroof. The roof is controled by sensors - and the ...

Created by Emile van Rinsum
Student / Multiple topics

Concept of low-rise ecologically safe residen...

The concept is to create an energy-efficient, resource-saving and environmentally friendly living environment (residential units). ...

Created by Olga Karabach
Creative Professional / Multiple topics

Post Earthquake Reconstruction in NW Tanzania...

Compressed Stabilized Earth Block Construction for post-Earthquake Recovery in NW Tanzania ...

Created by James Kyles
Start-up / Multiple topics


The Jointechnix stitching technique, with built-in disassembly, pre-enables circular economic practices in Fashion and furniture. The technique makes ...

Created by cédric vanhoeck
Start-up / Food

Inclusive Organic CrowdFarm in The Wake of Cl...

Inclusive organic startup agribusiness that practices and promotes CrowdFarm model of farming. ...

Created by Tom Gard
Start-up / Multiple topics

Khepri Nutrient Bioconversion Project

Khepri Bioconversion project mitigates against climate change by processing abattoir and food waste on site using flies and converts the flies into l ...

Created by Bandile Dlabantu

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