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Track: Start-up
Topics: Water, Energy
Location: Kenya

Water Independence: just add sea and sun

Water Independence: just add sea and sun

Desolenator is a patented technology that uses just sunlight to purify water from any source into 100% clean drinking water.

Long Description

Climate change is disrupting traditional rainfall patterns globally, meaning that populations in developed and developing countries are over-extracting water from the local aquifers and boreholes to meet daily needs. However, the altered rainfall also means water stores are not replenished to sustainable levels, risking water salinity or aquifer collapse. Desolenator can make these contaminated sources of water drinkable once more, prolonging lifespans of the water stores and buffering a key effect of climate change. Our company goal is to make 1 million people water independent in our first 5 years of operations.


The Desolenator is designed to be portable and simple to use, so the time between point of delivery to set-up and water production is minimal. It is an integrated system which limits internal consumer involvement and has an automatic daily internal clean to prolong its lifespan. As it is run on 100% solar power, Desolenator enables even the most remote of communities to be water independent.


Additionally we are mindful of the impact that our device can have, and believe the multiplier effects from the sustainable production of clean water can be immense. A reliable source of water is the foundation for economic development in any part of the world. Additionally there are numerous environmental benefits that derive from the ‘at source’ solar purification, reducing the carbon footprint from industrial desalination, bottled water and water trucks. Over it’s lifespan, the Desolenator will produce less that 1g/ litre of CO2 of water produced.

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