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Creative Professional / Multiple topics


Solutions and Knowledge are there. Design is needed to connect the theory and the practice. KEEPERS brings the connections to the table. ...

Created by Cascoland collective
Creative Professional / Energy

Connecting People to Power

Many remote off-grid communities generate their electricity with imported fossil fuels that are expensive, unreliable, and cause harm to the environme ...

Created by Project Phi
Creative Professional / Water

Water School

Designing for a Water School will have the biggest impact possible, learning within many different layers of society, acting for a more diverse sustai ...

Created by Jurgen Bey
Creative Professional / Multiple topics

Power Plant

“Power plant” is the world’s first self-powering greenhouse. Through transparent solar glass it powers its indoor climate; harvesting both food and el ...

Created by Marjan van Aubel
Creative Professional / Multiple topics

Dronecoria: Open Source Restoration

Together, we can reforest the world. Drone technology combined with native pelleted seeds will revolutionize the efficiency of ecosystem restoration. ...

Created by Lot Amoros · 1 Comment
Creative Professional / Multiple topics

Floating Food Farm. Produce healthy food for ...

Global, sustainable food production on and with water in order to give the previously unused space of the water surface a purpose. Reduce emissions of ...

Created by Sören Knittel
Creative Professional / Multiple topics

The Vertical University Project

Building an 8,000 meter Vertical University in eastern Nepal to help rural farmers adapt to variable impacts of climate change in six nodes ...

Created by Priyanka Bista
Creative Professional / Housing

CCLC – Climate Change Learning Centre

A centre to educate Mamori Lake people and help them imagine the changes they need to make in their lives in adapting to shortages or disasters caused ...

Created by Ignacio Marti
Creative Professional / Multiple topics

The Children’s Scrappy News Service Wea...

The Children’s Scrappy News Service is a makeshift news service, run by kids for kids, solving the world’s biggest problems. Scrappy TV is fun. From a ...

Created by Lisa Heydlauff · 20 Comments
Creative Professional / Energy

Upgrading The Wind Tower

Our attempt is to promote inhabitants of a hot and humid region in south of Iran, using Wind towers to decrease consumption of electricity. ...

Created by Sara Ghafoori
Creative Professional / Multiple topics

Artificial Glaciers-Receding Mountain Woes

World-wide glacier retreat is one of the most obvious and impressive manifestations of climate warming. On a regional scale, glaciers fluctuations may ...

Created by Suryanarayanan Balasubramanian · 1 Comment
Creative Professional / Multiple topics

Recipe for Change

Beef consumption is a big threat to climate change. Recipe for Change lets people experience how easy it is to cut down on eating beef, to help save t ...

Created by Brenda Waegemaekers · 3 Comments

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