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Creative Professional / Multiple topics

Proyecto Voluntariado Huella

Proyecto de colaboración a la conservación de la naturaleza llamado Huella. Consiste en el apoyo técnico mediante voluntariado/asesoría en reservas na ...

Created by Tomas Gonzalez
Student / Multiple topics

The ‘Da-Nach-Da’ Project

The 'Da-Nach-Da' Project is an interactive educational material designed for primary schools to teach about the connections between our daily lives an ...

Created by Anna Neumerkel · 1 Comment
Student / Energy

Beat the Storm

Beat the Storm Experience will stop in big cities and let participants feel climate change and make an impact that will influence electricity usage. ...

Created by Jos Bootsma
Creative Professional / Multiple topics

Community Energy

"Community Energy" is a off grid system for communities of 50+ people. ...

Created by Jakob Ingholt
Creative Professional / Water


Let us prevent climate change with active natural systematic RECOVERY of the landscape and local water cycles. ...

Created by Michal Kravčík · 2 Comments
Creative Professional / Food

Funnel farming

Funnel Farming is a universally applicable method for dry land farming. Using this method, farmers can immediately begin cultivating their farms while ...

Created by Rajshekhar Dass
Start-up / Multiple topics

Mozambikes: Fighting Climate Change and Pov...

Mozambikes branded bikes empower clean transport (#mitigation) that improve lives w/access to jobs/health/schools/water that grow scarcer under CC (#a ...

Created by Caris Chitlango · 1 Comment
Creative Professional / Multiple topics

The Church of Climate Change

Imagine a green temple where you convert climate change concerns into action. Reflect on the state of our world and compensate for CO2 sins. ...

Created by Dr. Monk · 2 Comments
Student / Water


This game builds the awareness of inhabitants to adaptive solutions against flooding. They choose cards to collect and re-use the water, but also to l ...

Created by Chloé Charreton
Creative Professional / Multiple topics

Biogas Community Kitchen And Food Chain

We are trying to create Biogas Community Kitchen and Food Chain- a business system for cooking and selling food in a shared community kitchen and dini ...

Created by Syeda Shama Tahsin Choudhury
Creative Professional / Multiple topics

Water is Life

An innovative system that can create clean drinking water and water for crops in desolate areas using sea water. Comes in six fashionable colors. ...

Created by Brett Smith
Student / Water

CO2 Efficient Uptake System (CO2EUS)

An innovative, nature-inspired design for sequestering excess aquatic CO2 into green CaCO3. CO2EUS: a titan to the rescue. ...

Created by Theodoros Bechlivanis

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