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Track: Creative Professional
Topics: Energy, Food
Location: Castilla y León, Spain

Biogas Community Kitchen And Food Chain

Biogas Community Kitchen And Food Chain

We are trying to create Biogas Community Kitchen and Food Chain- a business system for cooking and selling food in a shared community kitchen and dining area, using biogas and turning it to a local restaurant/ food chain owned by local community members. The goal is to bring green, biogas technology to community level restaurants at the most affordable price and promote green business.

Long Description

Biogas is a renewable form of gas energy produced by the decomposition of any organic waste by bacteria in the absence of oxygen.

 We want to bring biogas energy at the local restaurant and domestic level. We want to make food with zero waste. We want to provide easy and smart energy fuel at the local level but with a solid business strategy. People depend on wood, gas cylinder or paying utility bills for national gas supply. Within very local community, why would you mess around so much, if you can have a membership to one single kitchen to cook your own home food and also become an owner of a restaurant at the same time? Paying no cost to any gas energy or food ingredient but being responsible to deposit your kitchen and other organic waste, fun right? We would collect 100-200 interested local community people who would like to partner with us to form this biogas community kitchen and food chain and share dividends. We establish a single area where they would collect daily organic waste and deposit. The bacteria in the waste decompose and release methane gas in the digester. That methane gas is supplied to multiple stoves. With your membership card, get access to a particular stove for a particular time for domestic purpose. Additionally, use the kitchen to sell your own food for commercial purpose. Make a list of menu, could be tortillas, coffee, paella anything. Let people taste your food cooked in green energy. Keep your kitchen clean with no waste around as they turned into biogas! Let people come in your dining area and know about biogas. Expand your business with app. Provide delivery to home and office. Hold parties! It’s your own local restaurant after all.

So far now, we have interested 25 business representatives on doing projects like this which would cost 5 million dollars covering many developing area of Spain. We are also looking for government funding and loans. The business model includes equity partnership between local new community owners and my own company, Project Muze City International. We will bring biogas plant technology to them, build their plant and restaurant dinning area and provide kitchen and dining utensils and app development. We will help them to grow their business with marketing and administrative support. As they restaurant start to profit, Project Muze City delivers a fixed honorarium to them that would let them earn but also repay the defined 50% fixed cost of resources provided in a contract period. This is how they first become partner of 50% dividend share. As they become self-sufficient for more capital investment on their own, Project Muze City would expand the business with more equity partnership on diverse food chain across the region. The membership for using the kitchen on domestic purpose would have defined usage limit and ingredient limit. The better usage member, better investor would have better share. However, if the member brings alternative development, whether marketing or new talent professionals, there could be more membership benefits.






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