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Student / Food

Combating Climate Change Through Green Affore...

As young people growing up in South Africa, we have seen the impacts of climate change on our environments and is mainly due to our negligent activit ...

Created by Nokwanda Ndlovu
Start-up / Water

Climate Change Toilet School (CCTS)

Build composting toilets in Ilha Vitória (Ilha Bela, Brazil) without water supply and sanitation based on the local capacity and engagement. ...

Created by Renata Strengerowski
Creative Professional / Water

Nasoni to the Rescue

Rome's nasoni fountains can show the way in cooling a major city to combat het Heat Island Effect.It will reduce the heat wave health risks. ...

Created by Eric Weijters · 1 Comment
Creative Professional / Multiple topics

Solar and climate based design and operation

A robust solar-climatic based approach in design is the key to optimizing a variety of interactions between natural and built environments ...

Created by Mojtaba Samimi · 1 Comment
Student / Energy

The Jet Stream Catcher

The Jet Stream Catcher invents a completely new energy paradigm, focusing on the transition from current unsustainable energy production to carbon-fre ...

Created by Yujie Wang
Creative Professional / Multiple topics

Eat This

Eat This is an app to inspire climate friendly eating ...

Created by Leanne Bentley
Start-up / Multiple topics

A carbon-negative fertilizer that helps rural...

We produce a carbon-negative fertilizer blend that helps rural farmers improve their yields by 30% at the same price they pay for inputs. ...

Created by Kevin Kung
Start-up / Multiple topics

Clean Energy Infrastructure

E.Ray offers energy, telecommunication and hydrometric data services through a single platform under an infrastructure as a service model. ...

Created by Sebastian Lemke
Start-up / Multiple topics

PARAG – Eco-Friendly Water Retention

This matter must be urgently addressed, with food sources under severe strain and still household food security being a major concern. However, a clea ...

Created by Narayana lal Gurjar
Student / Multiple topics

Seaweed & Chips: New Aquaculture Industry...

Co-location of seaweed and bi-valve aquaculture with offshore wind farms to re-think the link between production and consumption of food. ...

Created by emily temperton
Student / Multiple topics


Team Casa builds a Comfortable, Affordable, Sustainable Alternative for Housing ...

Created by Simone van Wieringen
Start-up / Energy

Making biofuels out of waste biomass

We can produce biogas from woody biomass in a very fast process. The process time is 2-3 weeks. We have successfully tested wood chips, bark, coconut ...

Created by Petteri Salonen

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