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Track: Creative Professional
Topics: Water, Food
Location: Utrecht, Netherlands

Eat This

Eat This

Eat This is an app to inspire climate friendly eating

Long Description

Let’s face it, we can’t continue eating what we’re eating if we want to fight climate change. In fact if we keep going the way we are, the greenhouse gas emissions connected to food will be 51% higher in 2050 then they are now. However if we all switch to plant-based diets, we could actually reduce emissions by 55%.*

Eat This is a recipe app that helps you switch that Big Mac for a bean burger. It’s not trying to shame you out of eating a steak or grilled cheese sandwich, but rather encourage you to cook differently.

Eat This let’s you choose your recipes based on your mood, so whether you’re hungover and want to eat junk food, or need a protein boost before hitting the gym, you’ll never get bored.

Our badges, milestones and bite size food facts make climate friendly eating more fun, but it takes more than you to change the world, so Eat This makes it easy to share recipes, and organise dinner parties with your friends.

So don’t save the world on an empty stomach, just Eat This.


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