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Track: Creative Professional
Topics: Water
Location: Dwarka, New Delhi, Delhi, India

Water School

Water School

Designing for a Water School will have the biggest impact possible, learning within many different layers of society, acting for a more diverse sustainable future.

Long Description

Currently, a quarter of the population in India is facing water shortage. Yet, studies show that the origin of this water crisis lies not in the amount of water available, but in the way, it is used and not collected. The biggest problems related to this shortage of water arise in densely populated, fast-growing residence districts such as Dwarka, a neighbourhood in New Delhi.

To address the topic of water shortage, and show alternative ways to approach it, Studio Makkink & Bey aims to set up and build a school in Dwarka, dubbed the “Water School”. Within this school, selected emerging designers, artists and craftsmen will be invited to work together with the pupils on setting up and constructing the entirety of the school, ranging from pens to uniforms to the entire building of the school itself.

In this way, the school becomes both a learning landscape and a production landscape, therein both teaching in theory about more sustainable ways of handling water, as well as engaging students practically in constructing a real-life example of a more sustainable future.

When finished, the school will function as a sustainable hub, promoting and teaching about more environmental friendly ways of living and working.

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