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Track: Creative Professional
Topics: Water
Location: Varick St, New York, NY 10013, USA



POP-UP secures our cities against floods by combining green mobility, climate adaption and social spaces – creating adaptable green cities for everyone

Long Description

With POP-UP, we have created a humane response to man-made problems. Combining multiple challenges in one overall solution shows the world how climate adaptation, mobility and urban development do not have to be opposites in the viable cities of the future.

Climate change and the growing numbers of floods forces many cities to establish large and expensive water-reservoirs below ground. With POP-UP, we want to create added value by using existing technologies and flooding reservoirs to establish underground parking, with urban spaces on top making our cities greener, denser and more liveable for the growing number of people migrating to the metropoles.
The solution consists of a structure, which 98% of the time will be resting below ground, but during heavy rains will pop up in the cityscape – like a cork in a glass of water – highlighting the adaption to the forces of nature. Once the sewage system subsequently has the capacity to handle the rainwater, the water calmly flows out either back into the sewer or into a water filtration system – and the structure lowers.
POP-UP has the inherent potential to be scaled to other big cities facing similar issues of climate change and to be adapted to tackle other issues by implementing functions such as water filtration systems, food storage or hydroponic-farming into the hollow chamber. POP-UP is both a financial and multidisciplinary project that has been developed by engineers and architects to turn the expensive and daunting challenge of climate adaption into a positive.

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