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Track: Student
Topics: Water, Energy, Food
Location: Morecambe Bay, United Kingdom

Seaweed & Chips: New Aquaculture Industry for Morecambe Bay

Seaweed & Chips: New Aquaculture Industry for Morecambe Bay

Co-location of seaweed and bi-valve aquaculture with offshore wind farms to re-think the link between production and consumption of food.

Long Description

As a response to aquaculture becoming the fastest growing food industry in the world, I have designed an alternative to the intensive and environmentally damaging farming methods currently used.


Morecambe Bay has a fishing history which has been affected by the installation of offshore wind farms. I propose a masterplan in which aquaculture becomes a new industry for those severed by the wind turbine installations.


A series of hybrid structures at the wind turbines allows for a ‘co-location’ of aquaculture amongst offshore wind farms. Visibly connecting consumption with production, these structures encourage the public enjoyment of this new productive landscape.


By harvesting food lower down the food chain, such as seaweed, the proposal seeks to address eating habits. Seaweed & Chips was received well by the local community when I set up a self-built food stand.

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