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Student / Multiple topics

BYOB (Build Your Own Bill) : Domesticating Ca...

BYOB (Build Your Own Bills) is a domesticated version of carbon credit aimed at creating energy consumption consciousness in a home setup. ...

Created by Ishiyetaa Saxena
Student / Multiple topics

Breeze – indoor Brise Soleil

Breeze’s a retractable solution to partially block the sunlight, lowering the temperature, without blocking the breeze and the outside view. ...

Created by Tarsila Nagao Mantovani · 4 Comments
Creative Professional / Food

Farms N’ Cities

Farms N’ Cities is a project that comes to unlock the potential of urban agriculture in the city of São Paulo, but is also scalable to other cities an ...

Created by Marília Silva
Creative Professional / Multiple topics

Re-Creo / RCCC

The multidimensional Re-Creo / RCCC project consists of multiple components. Most of all, it is a participatory design project that unites the local c ...

Created by Oliver Schutte
Creative Professional / Water

tinkle, shower to save

You should pee under your shower and save the planet. Lovely way to start your day! ...

Created by Ellen De Bonth · 1 Comment
Student / Multiple topics

Organic Modules: Modular Wallscapes for Shade...

Organic modules is a felt-based outdoor green facade system that uses environmental data to determine its shape and characteristic ...

Created by Shannon Iacino · 1 Comment
Student / Health

VAYU – breathe safe

Vayu senses polluted air. Based on the AQI and the personal health of the user,it vibrates,alerting the user to take precautionary measures. ...

Created by Deepika Gopalakrishnan · 5 Comments
Start-up / Multiple topics

A Convenient Truth: Profit and sustainability...

We believe that a successful project has as an indispensable condition the ceaseless search for efficient and sustainable practices to produce the max ...

Created by Juan Jorge
Student / Health

climate change

Street vendors spend around 6 hours under the Sun's rays and these cause burns on the skin due to the lack of sunscreen or any item that covers them f ...

Created by Karla Berenisse
Creative Professional / Multiple topics

Tilting Hydroponics

Tilting Hydroponics offers distributed vertical farming to urbanites the world over, and revolutionizes agriculture. ...

Created by Kyle Snowberger
Start-up / Energy

VETROSUN next generation of wind-solar hybrid

VETROSUN hybrid is unique device which combine VETAR 15 HAWT small but powerful which and specially shaped air deflector which is covered with PV sola ...

Created by Predrag Paunovic
Student / Multiple topics

DeSALT desalinator – drinking water fro...

A portable solar tracker for the production of distilled water from seawater. We implemented two version: one completely passive and one automatized w ...

Created by Remo Boccacci

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