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Location: India

VAYU – breathe safe

VAYU – breathe safe

Vayu senses polluted air. Based on the AQI and the personal health of the user,it vibrates,alerting the user to take precautionary measures.

Long Description

Most people suffer from breathing polluted air and do not take sufficient precautions against it. They also do not know WHEN they need to take precautionary measures.

VAYU is a device in the form of a wrist band, conceived to notify its users about the air quality in their surroundings. It senses polluted air and based on the Air Quality Index (AQI) and the personal health of the user, it vibrates, alerting the user through a vibration pattern to take precautionary measures.

The user enters their personal health data on an online application. The application then identifies the user in one of the AQI groups. It collects real-time AQI from Air Quality Monitoring stations. The device is connected via bluetooth to this application. The device then alerts the user when their group may be affected. In addition to collecting real-time AQI from Monitoring stations, the device has air quality sensors that sense the concentration of particulate matter within the vicinity of the user. This information is sent to the application which maps it to the AQI. The device alerts the user if their group may be affected. The device has a Cardio-activity sensor that senses increase in heart rate. If the AQI levels are above 101, regardless of which group the user might be in, the device alerts them when the device senses increase in heart rate. Once the air is safe to breathe again, the device vibrates in a different vibration pattern.

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