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Track: Start-up
Topics: Water, Housing, Health
Location: Middle East

The iThrone: an evaporative, off-grid toilet that “shrink-wraps crap”

The iThrone: an evaporative, off-grid toilet that “shrink-wraps crap”

Our portable evaporative toilet, which vaporizes 95% of daily onsite sewage volumes, expands access to safe, clean sanitation to families living without power or plumbing.

Long Description

Globally, 2.6Bn people lack access to proper sanitation. By 2030, half of us won’t be able to flush! When flushing isn’t an option, getting rid of onsite sewage is messy and unsustainably costly. Every day, 4Bn liters of sewage pollute the local water and environment. Unmanaged sewage emits >4% of man-made methane. Poor sanitation is ransoming our water resources and our climate. change:WATER Labs’ has developed a revolutionary solution to “flush away” un-piped sewage without using water, energy or pipes–by vaporizing it! Our “iThrone” is a portable, evaporative toilet for “off-line” homes (with no power or plumbing) that eliminates >95% of daily household sewage onsite. This toilet leapfrogs beyond sewerage infrastructure, extending safe, hygienic sanitation into non-sewered communities at low-cost. Our core innovation, basically a “shrink wrap for crap”, is a break-through polymer membrane that aggressively evaporates liquid sewage without the need for power or heat. Our toilet uses a collection pouch of this material to rapidly evaporate (or “flush” away) liquid sewage. The pouch rapidly shrinks daily sewage output down to <5% of its original volume, releasing only clean water vapor, leaving behind only a few grams of dried solids. Our evaporative “flush” eliminates the need for a tank, power, plumbing, pumps or supporting peripherals. As such, our toilet is very compact, stand-alone, self-operating and easy to install–a drop-in solution deployable anywhere at low cost. Our game-changing evaporative toilet leapfrogs beyond the limits of sewerage infrastructure, rendering safe, clean sanitation more accessible to poor, vulnerable, “off-line” communities.

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