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Location: Mexicali Baja California México

climate change

climate change

Street vendors spend around 6 hours under the Sun's rays and these cause burns on the skin due to the lack of sunscreen or any item that covers them from the Sun. This becomes even worse with the amount of time that is spent under the sun which could cause serious complications such as cancer. They are mostly men who primarily work as street vendors but there are several women who also exert this job. They are more prone to a heat stroke or dehydration because they have less physical strength and endurance. They can be found at pedestrian crossings and traffic lights where they are in contact with the pavement without a place to take shelter in the majority of cases. These factors generate more heat making them more likely to suffer dehydration due to the absorption of heat by the ground or contact with UV rays which has caused many deaths in recent years. Some of the accessories that are used to cover them from the Sun are not the most appropriate such as Palm hats because the incandescent rays toast the strings. These hats are not made with a material suitable for this type of weather. In addition, the sweat might generate fungi or other injuries that might affect your physical appearance, thus generating a slight rejection by society. This group of people with scarce resources move around under the sun. They either walk or use public transportation to get to their job. They cannot carry more objects to cover themselves from the Sun because they are already loaded with merchandise. They prefer to bring small items that do not generate much of a problem when transporting such as hats or towels butsometimes it is not enough to protect themselves. In addition to the physical consequences, you can observe the psychological consequences because the heat is linked to emotions which causes the individual to develop aggression due to the heat stress.

Long Description

TREES & COOL, is a rest area to focus on outdoor workers, and the general public. Due to the increase in temperatures caused by the human hand, this area seeks to innovate by applying clean energies that promote recycling, to satisfy such a great need, which in this case is to protect from the rays of the sun and provide a little freshness in the outside Just stand under the shade, close to one of the discs to feel the fresh air

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