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Student / Multiple topics

PlasticAr: A house for all

PlasticAr is a new concept introduced in respond to the needs of climate refugees through an innovative recycling system that allows to create 100% fl ...

Created by Juan Octavio Ferreyra · 1 Comment
Creative Professional / Health

Fire Beacon

Crowd sourcing wildfire detection and prevention. ...

Created by Dylan Woock
Start-up / Water

Pluvi.On: A hyperlocal rain data intelligence...

Rain data intelligence service that delivers realtime information to alert the population, public entities and companies about rain impacts. ...

Created by Mariana Marcilio
Creative Professional / Multiple topics


Community built, off-grid green sanitation, where waste is turned into a resource. In coherence with both culture and environment. ...

Created by Anna Sundman · 3 Comments
Creative Professional / Multiple topics

Actions to protect water resources and refore...

This project proposes to improve the productive conditions associated with the management of water resources in the Indigenous Land Caiçara/Ilha de Sã ...

Created by Avelar Araujo Santos Junior
Start-up / Housing

Flat-pack Housing, made Sustainable & Aff...

It is suspected that climate change will cause 200 million to be displaced by the end of 21st century. These displaced people would be requiring rapid ...

Created by Yaseen Khalid
Start-up / Multiple topics

Bringing digital agriculture for climate resi...

Agrosmart brings digital agriculture to developing countries under tropical agronomic conditions to build a more climate-resilient agriculture. ...

Created by Mariana Vasconcelos
Creative Professional / Multiple topics

ATOM – Portable Solar Power

ATOM is a low-tech&high-performance eco-efficient object to have "off-grid" solar power to sustain our daily needs for: - thermal comfort, in&out acti ...

Created by Miguel Veríssimo
Creative Professional / Energy

Aeolus on my balcony

Our domestic wind turbines offer homes with balcony an exciting opportunity to reduce the impact of climate change by using renewable energy. ...

Created by Eloi Lemetayer · 3 Comments
Start-up / Energy

The BioLite HomeStove – the world’s only ultr...

BioLite aims to scale the HomeStove, an ultra-clean, electricity generating biomass stove, to address the massive climate and economic cost of open fi ...

Created by Ethan Kay · 1 Comment
Creative Professional / Water

Hacker bomb for taking water everywhere

Hacker Bomb is a water pumping device to help people transfer collected water from one point to another in a safe and effortless way. ...

Created by lucia fanelli
Creative Professional / Multiple topics

i-change for climate change

We create a smarter, a smart bracelet and countdown totem for adaptation and conciousness. ...

Created by Evrim Aykan · 2 Comments

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