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Track: Creative Professional
Topics: Energy, Housing
Location: Portugal
Approach: Systems

ATOM – Portable Solar Power

ATOM – Portable Solar Power

ATOM is a low-tech&high-performance eco-efficient object to have "off-grid" solar power to sustain our daily needs for: - thermal comfort, in&out activities, gadgets, house appliances, emergency support, etc. ATOM is a design solution for portable and high capacity solar power storage.

Long Description

ATOM is a versatile, lightweight, cost-effective and 100% eco-efficient “solar battery”, created to provide energy for our daily needs of thermal comfort, in&outdoor activities, emergency support, etc.

The most important challenge for R&D+i today is finding an easiest way to store solar energy in heat and electricity. Due to recent technological advances in materials (nanotechnology, biochemics, artificial minerals, eutectic salts, PCMs, etc), it´s already possible to capture and store large amounts of energy in smaller volumes.

ATOM It´s a low-tech and high-performance object, which design resulted from the scientifically more adjusted way to have portable solar power. Our challenge was to create a functional object, lightweight, cost effective and easy to maintain, which shape&function were totally adapted to take advantage from the phenomena of capturing and storing solar radiation, transforming it both in heat as in electricity.

ATOM´s functioning is very easy – a highly transparent exterior sphere protects an inner core with the technologies of capturing and storing the solar energy.  This double sphere shape with an air chamber in between, is the perfect solution to to take advantage from direct and indirect solar radiation, and store these energy gains in the inner core battery as heat and electricity.

After being fully charged, the users can roll ATOM around, connecting gadgets or home appliances to it, or simply to allow heat to flow and warm a room…

Designed to be a mass production object, the Life Cycle studies and production were thought to guarantee its absolute eco-efficiency.

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