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Start-up / Multiple topics

Neighbors Helping Neighbors Build Resilience

The AtmaGo mobile app is a resilience social network that empowers 275,000+ people to help each other prevent, prepare for, and recover from disasters ...

Created by Meena Palaniappan
Creative Professional / Multiple topics

SEED: Planting today for a resilient tomorrow

SEED marries function and form in a technologically innovative yet user-friendly growing system that increases food security while reducing ecological ...

Created by Ruby Rios
Creative Professional / Food

The Food Loop

Food Loop is an app that aims to change people's behaviour on managing their food and help them minimise their domestic waste. ...

Created by Amanda Maykot · 8 Comments
Creative Professional / Multiple topics

The Climate Survival Kit

With a playful Survival Kit we teach children all over the world how to adapt to climate change. ...

Created by Ebelien Pondaag · 2 Comments
Creative Professional / Multiple topics

Amazon Roots Made FROM > FOR Amazonian

Develop a line of superfoods products using the sustainable harvesting, generating income for communities living in the Amazonia. Anf giving back to t ...

Created by rodrigo faustino
Start-up / Energy

Sustainable energy from pine needles for clim...

An entrepreneurial ecosystem to harness the destructive energy of pine needles for climate adaptation through clean energy generation. ...

Created by Rajnish Jain
Creative Professional / Water

Tap into the Source

Prepare your household for future water restrictions by valuing and connecting to your water source and lower your daily consumption ...

Created by Marieken Kerkhoven
Student / Health

SOLSET: Protection against sunrays

Simple, low-cost garment designed to protect field workers and day laborers from solar radiation. ...

Created by Aitani Carranza
Student / Multiple topics


In India majority of people are living in slums and villages where they not even get full sunlight because of small size rooms,maximum of which are lo ...

Created by Ashish Bhardwaj
Student / Food

SAVOUR. Reducing community waste by helping p...

Using #computervision technology, Savour measures ripeness to reduce #foodwaste and improve our community's #resiliency ...

Created by MC Abbott
Student / Housing


The project explores the idea of symbiotic architecture made of usually unusable desert region soil and bacterial binder. ...

Created by Gabriele Jerosine
Creative Professional / Multiple topics

Urban SOILdiers

By the simplest act of growing a garden (or thousands) we want to help the planet (and ourselves) cool the heck down. ...

Created by Karina Schwartzman

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