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Track: Student
Topics: Water, Energy
Location: Chandigarh, India
Approach: Communications



In India majority of people are living in slums and villages where they not even get full sunlight because of small size rooms,maximum of which are lower middle class ,poor and needy ones.There is lack of basic facilities such as electricity.So many people are getting rest below a house covered with either GI sheet cover or Mangalore titles roofs.Now if these people need electricity and if there is no electricity access to them they can easily use solar water bulbin their rooms.

Long Description

Solar water bulb will be very helpful for poor and needy ones.The biggest benefit would be that it would be made up of waste plastic bottles,that otherwise will pollute our environment.The main target and focus of this would be slum living and village living people of india who are not getting basic facility.

Benefits of solar water bulb
1-It will save energy and money that was before used to spend on bulbs,tubelights which further save their income
2-If problem of light is solved then slum living people can spend their money on food ,sanitation and cleanliness.
3-The biggest benefit is that we are using waste plastic bottles that otherwise will destroy our environment.

This solution doesn’t require expensive solar equipment. All you need is a clear plastic soda bottle, water, and bleach! This green and sustainable concept is very easy to implement, and can provide approximately 55 watts of light.

This solar lighting idea will give you light in outdoor sheds or buildings not connected to the grid, as well as frequently used rooms in your home during daytime. This clever solution doesn’t just lower your electricity bill though. You’ll also decrease your carbon footprint, and help lessen the amount of garbage in the environment

You’ll need these materials:
Working Board
Plastic Soda Bottles
2 Circular Patterns – larger circle with a diameter of the soda bottle, 3mm difference for the smaller circle
26 Gauge 10 x 10” Galvanized Metal Sheet
Sand Paper
Covering for the Plastic Cap Bottle

And these tools:
Cordless Drill
Glue Gun with Sika Sealant
Curve Metal Sheet Cutter

Cut approximately 9 x 10 inches of GI sheet (corrugated or flat).
At the center of the GI sheet, draw 2 circles.
Cut the inner circle.
Cut the 1 cm difference radially, making strips and bend upwards, perpendicular to the GI sheet.
Using sandpaper, scratch the surface around the upper third portion of the soda bottle where the GI sheet will be placed, to allow the rubber sealant to stick better.
Insert the bottle into the GI sheet until the upper third. Apply rubber sealant on the strips above and around the area below. Wait to dry.
Apply rubber sealant above and below the sheet.
Fill the soda bottle with filtered water. Cover with its original cap.
The solar bottle bulb is now ready for installation
Perfect lighting for your workshop or garden tool shed during the day! This solar water bulb should give you great light for looking for your tools. Where else could you use this cheap and free light

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