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Track: Creative Professional
Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

The Climate Survival Kit

The Climate Survival Kit

With a playful Survival Kit we teach children all over the world how to adapt to climate change.

Long Description

Climate change, it is there, it is undeniable. But are we aware of it? Is the next generation aware of it? With the help of the Climate Survival Kit we will learn children aged 6-12 around the world adapting and preparing for the consequences of the climate change in a playful manner. The Climate Survival Kit is a physical kit that can be adjusted to the needs of the specific regions (developing and developed), whether water, food, energy or health is a challenge. In the kit the children can find small games, funny instructions and experiments. Helpful products like a handheld drinking water filter, Cactus seeds and a ‘Memory’ card game learn how they can adapt and react to the climate change. We will create a scalable platform that will enable people and companies all over the world to contribute to the kit – with knowledge, with actual products. We will setup a network of didactic experts, scholars, creative designers and potential distributors like Unicef and educational NGOs to create, spread and propagate the survival kits. Initiators worldwide can ask help in designing the survival kit for a specific region or topic. We even think of organising a contest for school children to create their own survival kit.

Our goal: changing the behaviour of the next generation to become aware of and adapt to climate change.

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