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Track: Student
Topics: Food
Location: San Francisco, CA, United States
Approach: Services

SAVOUR. Reducing community waste by helping people to SAVOUR food.

SAVOUR. Reducing community waste by helping people to SAVOUR food.

Using #computervision technology, Savour measures ripeness to reduce #foodwaste and improve our community's #resiliency

Long Description

Food waste is a global problem. Everyday important resources are tossed in the bin, when if we could decrease our global waste by 25%, we could feed an additional 800 million people annually, improving our community resilience in the face of climate change. The biggest battleground in waste reduction is the home: wasting 90 billion pounds of food annually, twice that of commercial waste. People need an easy-to-use service to know if their produce is safe to eat.

Introducing Savour. Using computer visioning technology, Savour app measures the ripeness of your food. Our first iteration starts simple: take a photo of a piece of fruit to find out if it’s fresh to eat. If the fruit is fresh, Savour shifts to ‘learn’ mode, giving recommendations on what to do next. Freeze? Bake? Chop? Learn mode also includes directions to local food banks for donating whatever produce you won’t be able to eat in time.

As people use the app, we are creating an API of fruit images, allowing us to better develop an index to detect when food is at its prime and provide an estimate on remaining time until spoilage. Beyond fruit, Savour can easily scale to include vegetables, dairy, and meat, tackling the world’s worst offenders in food waste.

Yes, it’s an app for the home. But we’re already thinking of its wider transformative potential. Imagine Savour in the hands of disaster relief volunteers receiving donations.

Savour. Savour food. Savour community. Savour planet.

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