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Creative Professional / Housing


Smart House searchs to tackle climate change in Nicaragua (high temperatures and vector diseases) with passive and affordable solutions. ...

Created by Moises Mora
Creative Professional / Multiple topics

Brick It Back

‘Brick It Back’ is a compostable carton toilet brick with a reusable urine-separation seat. Once full, you place the biodegradable ‘Brick’ outside to ...

Created by patrizio jellici · 2 Comments
Student / Multiple topics

Portable Thermoelectricity Generating Inciner...

It's an electricity generating incinerator, is pollution free and it also produces soda fountain from the gases produced from incineration. ...

Created by Harsh Engineer
Start-up / Energy

Solstice – Solar for Every American

80% of Americans can’t go solar. Solstice brings community solar to the mainstream by creating the industry’s first online marketplace. ...

Created by Steph Speirs
Student / Multiple topics

Transparent labels

System of information (through labels) about the carbon and water footprint of the products we consume. The information would be based on an updated d ...

Created by Isabel Adrian Carrasco
Start-up / Energy

Reversing Climate Change


Created by michael weir
Student / Energy

Fuel Recycling in Combustion Engines

It is a kit of a series of chemical processes which will regenerate the fuel in Combustion Engines of various systems ...

Created by Harsh Engineer
Start-up / Multiple topics

MAIS LEITE – Building climate resilience catt...

Milk production in vulnerable areas (i.e. semiarid regions) is already affected by climate change. Despite causing serious environmental degradation t ...

Created by Daniele Cesano
Creative Professional / Multiple topics

Reed Field’s Pavilion – Ecological Obse...

We propose "ecological observation center" floating on lake Sainoko by Reed. you can see various kinds of animals and plants living in the lake on thi ...

Created by misao kawai
Student / Water

Revival Water

The water is losing life, making use of recyclable materials, natural elements and clean energy this device will return the life to it. ...

Created by Citlalli Morales
Student / Multiple topics

Hope – Video game

Explore the problems, challenges and current solutions regarding climate change through the story of a little girl called Amalia, who is on a quest to ...

Created by Daniela Bobadilla Rojas
Student / Multiple topics

Next Step

If you cycling for an hour a day you stop producing 635 tons of CO2 and could generate 2190 kwh of energy per year #WhatDesignCanDo#NextStep ...

Created by Eduardo Gómez

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