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Track: Student
Topics: Energy, Health
Location: Queretaro, Mexico

Next Step

Next Step

If you cycling for an hour a day you stop producing 635 tons of CO2 and could generate 2190 kwh of energy per year #WhatDesignCanDo#NextStep

Long Description

NEXT STEP: Electricity generated by the human body

IImagine a world where population are healthy and there is no pollution, now it could be possible.

As of right now, according to Manoj Bhargava, 3 millions people in the world has not the basic oportunities of communication, transportation, medical care and most importantly education, and all beacuse of a lack of electricity; with the billions of people living around the world we could produce enough energy to power all our electronic devices and help stop this deficiencies.So…..What does we need?

If we adapt the public gym equipment with a device that transform the kinetic energy of the users into electrical and encourage the population to workout constantly through a payback system of taxes or a reducement on services payment, we could reduce the production of electrical energy through the industial methods that cause thousend of tons pollution that represents 25% of contaminants that cause climate change.

This project can be adapted on a worlwide level because although gyms are not a new invention there has been a significant rise in their use in recent years and the kinectic energy generated by their use could transformed into electrical energy without a huge cost budget.

At the end, the people gets benefits of storing and producing their own energy at the same time that are building their own body, improving the quality of life and making this world a better place to live.

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