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Track: Student
Topics: Water, Energy, Health
Location: Bogotá, Colombia
Approach: Communications

Hope – Video game

Hope – Video game

Explore the problems, challenges and current solutions regarding climate change through the story of a little girl called Amalia, who is on a quest to find her lost dog, Mia. A journey where Amalia encounters puzzle-like levels in which she needs to solve different environmental and social problems such as pollution, droughts, wildfires, corrupt politicians, stubborn industries, so on and so forth. Intended as a tool for sustainable education, as well as an enjoyable, interactive experience that can help people of all ages feel hopeful, brave and inspired about their present and future.

Long Description

“I would rather not talk about it because that sh!t is scary.”
With those words, my cousin Jen ended a climate change conversation we had over the summer. It got me thinking about the information we receive on the issue and our reaction to it.

Currently, news about environmental catastrophes and articles with scientific language are the most common information. However, they tend to scare or confuse us, and this might lead to inaction.

Framing this great challenge with a positive light is necessary to motivate and engage people in preparing and adapting to climate change. That is why I propose Hope, a video game for iOS and Android platforms that tells the story of Amalia and her dog Mia in their adventure to return home.

Amalia lives in a beautiful town near the coast. One day she notices that the river that crosses her town has suddenly dried up. Her neighbors say its because the Coal mine nearby has taken it to power their electricity plant. The angry and thirsty community goes to protest to the waterfront where the coal company loads the containers. Amalia and Mia follow them and decide to explore the boats. While doing so, Mia accidentally falls into a coal conveyor belt and gets embarked into a massive ship. Before Amalia could alert the captain, the ship sailed to an unknown destination. Amalia looks for help, but no one is willing to listen, so she packs her backpack with an adventure kit, toys and snacks, and sails in search of her dear dog.

In each level, Amalia will have to interact with characters, objects or scenarios and use the tools she has inside her backpack to solve the puzzles.

Amalia’s journey through all ten levels will teach us to have courage, hope and to stay in action to overcome the difficult challenges we will face with climate change.

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