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Track: Creative Professional
Topics: Water, Health
Location: Wasserwerkgasse, Bern, Switzerland

Brick It Back

Brick It Back

‘Brick It Back’ is a compostable carton toilet brick with a reusable urine-separation seat. Once full, you place the biodegradable ‘Brick’ outside to relax and rot.

Long Description

‘Brick It Back’ is a compostable toilet brick.
It consists of two parts: The first part is the container for the solid waste – the ‘Brick’. It is made out of recycled paper carton and is coated on both sides with biodegradable plastic film. The second part is a reusable, urine-separation seat. ‘Brick’ comes folded to easily be transported; it gets unfolded and fitted with the seat.

There is a wide scope of application for ‘Brick’:
In case of an unexpected influx, after the event of a natural disaster or conflict as well as for any open-air concert somewhere out in the green.

Whenever there is no connection to a sewer system or there is no water at all. Every time there is only little water. You don’t want to mix it with your feces and separate it again expensively.
There might be no access to bring a chemical toilet, or you just don’t like the idea to place your ‘precious outcome’ in a bath of chemicals.

‘Brick It Back’ does not smell much, because the solid waste is separated from the urine. You can even reduce emission by spreading a thin layer of sawdust. Urine contains nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium – which are important for the growth of plants – and can be delivered directly to the environment.

Once it is filled, you place your 100% biodegradable ‘Brick’
somewhere outside where it can relax and rot.
Wait 2 years to get the best result for your fertile, high-quality soil.

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