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Track: Student
Topics: Water
Location: Querétaro, México

Revival Water

Revival Water

The water is losing life, making use of recyclable materials, natural elements and clean energy this device will return the life to it.

Long Description


The climate change is a phenomenon that has a big impact in the whole world, one of the most vulnerable parts is the water. A big portion, an important amount of the fresh water to which we have access is stagnant or its current is minimal, this fact is known as a dead water.

Revival Water is a device compromised to revitalize the water maintaining it in movement, this is achieved thanks to four agitators that keep in touch with the water all the time. It also counts with a turbine on the low part of the device maintains the water flow below the surface.

To return the vitality to the water is not the only thing that Revival Water does, this one is provided with a system of natural leaked of the water, where it is deposited by the agitators, goes through for the layers that compose the filter And it is poured in the water body by the low turbine.

The use of solar panels makes an autonomous element, this way it fuels four engines assigned to move the agitators which maintain the water in movement; and the engine assigned to make the turbine work.

Its use can be both for lakes and for rivers, being placed in different points of the water bodies and tries, in a compact model; to be used for ponds or sinks and in this way people could count with clean and revitalized water.

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