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Track: Start-up
Topics: Energy
Location: Binghamton, New York

Solstice – Solar for Every American

Solstice – Solar for Every American

80% of Americans can’t go solar. Solstice brings community solar to the mainstream by creating the industry’s first online marketplace.

Long Description

Solstice deploys “community solar,” which offers households a portion of a shared solar farm in their neighborhood. Electricity from the shared solar farm goes to the electrical grid and appears as a credit on participants’ monthly utility bills. Because financing for these projects is not finalized until all participants are secured, Solstice puts more community solar projects on the ground by creating demand for community solar using its two-sided marketplace platform. First, we make it easy for households to find and sign up for community solar. Second, we solve two of the most important pain points for developers – customer acquisition and management– all at a lower cost.


Our platform’s features include:


  1. Online Marketplace: The first nationwide marketplace for community solar, in which customers can compare their community solar options.
  2. Utility Integration: The platform interfaces with utility accounts so that customers can easily integrate their solar subscription with their normal utility bills.
  3. Customer Administration: Customers can manage and pay for their solar share on a monthly basis.
  4. Customer Engagement: Community solar customers can see how much their solar share is producing and how much they’re saving (financially and in terms of emissions reductions) in a visual-rich dashboard.

Viral Referrals: Through our digital platform, we incentivize local “Solstice Leaders” to earn extra income by enrolling their friends in our program. We tap the power of online networks to create a viral solar community that runs on its own.

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