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Creative Professional / Energy


Bioclimatic Prosthesis, a system of components to incorporate diversity of bioclimatic strategies into building’s progressive rehabilitation. ...

Created by Leonardo Agurto · 14 Comments
Creative Professional / Multiple topics

Roll-estate – a new concept in servicin...

Roll-Estate: a retail and service infrastructure along bicycle paths, to serve cyclists and to encourage new riders #50by30 @cyclespaceorg ...

Created by Maud de Vries
Student / Water


We propose the urban integration of 'bioswale parklets' that offer a flood management solution while creating a new type of public space. ...

Created by Finnegan Harries · 1 Comment
Student / Housing

ECOSYS – An online platform for domesti...

Urban sustainability is one of the main challenges of this century. We have to adapt our habitat to the extreme temperatures and weather conditions we ...

Created by Elisa Pozo Menendez · 5 Comments
Creative Professional / Multiple topics

Increase Productivity and Profit in different...

Project is to create awareness of climate change for the users and business owners in agriculture, construction and forest sectors. It will be done th ...

Created by Manisha Kad
Creative Professional / Multiple topics

Weird Materials – Unusual Matters That Will S...

A traveling exhibition and online archive sharing possible uses of unusual materials that are able to cope with climate change. ...

Created by Aart van Bezooijen
Student / Food

From the wall to the table

It's a project aimed at incentivizing the crop to commercial or residential level, looking for the potentiation of the local market; generating cycles ...

Created by Carolin Vélez Pintado
Student / Housing

Build for Change – Buoyant Co-housing

Building housing units which are resilient to floods and self sufficient in the worlds lowest lying islands of Maldives and empowering local industrie ...

Created by Kruthika Maddipoti
Student / Multiple topics


The production of electricity can reduce the air pollution and also can compensate the global warming. ...

Created by Vaishali Sharma
Student / Energy

Smart Campus

Smart campus is an idea of efficiency and power production for the existing and developing college campuses. Climate change has created an increased r ...

Created by HEENA SYED · 2 Comments
Creative Professional / Housing

The Rebuild Project

Building block sets, inspired by the drawings of children left homeless by natural disasters, sold to fund the reconstruction of real houses ...

Created by Alberto Mora
Creative Professional / Water


Let us prevent climate change with active natural systematic RECOVERY of the landscape and local water cycles. ...

Created by Michal Kravčík

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