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Track: Creative Professional
Topics: Energy
Location: Latin America



Bioclimatic Prosthesis, a system of components to incorporate diversity of bioclimatic strategies into building’s progressive rehabilitation.

Long Description

Less than 30% of existing housing stock complies with minimum environmental requirements. For example, in Latin America they are responsible for more than one third of total energy consumption because of the lack of adaptability to the weather diversity considering microclimates and the local environmental conditions. This results in a constant energy demand, particularly in winter, causing severe air pollution increasing significantly the rates of respiratory diseases every year.

Environmental and economical inequalities make extremely urgent developing space’s adaptations and implementing technologies in bioclimatic architecture to take maximum advantage of renewable energies in housing rehabilitation.

We have created a new concept for a more complex refurbishment system with an incremental logic. Bioclimatic Prosthesis, integrates two main ideas; first the recognition of the potential of transitional inside/outside spaces as an extension of domestic space, which will consequently improve their socio-spatial and environmental functions; and second, transforming bioclimatic strategies in easily replicable, pre-fabricated and combinable, self-assembled components.

Prosthesis covers different strategies and adaptations. For example, flat or liveable greenhouses with thermal mass elements to regulate the heat transfer. Other option of these strategies is linking indoor and outdoor spaces with reconfigurable skins adding new functions and promoting the integration of renewable energy devices like solar panels, solar ovens, or local adaptations as chifloneras or fruit and dress dryers.

Prosthesis system is, in addition, the fusion of energetic, socio-spatial and environmental patterns, that are commonly absent of the baseline situation in the existing architectural design specially in 5 decades of social housing policies.

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