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Student / Energy

Per Fumare (lat)

I created a scenario based in the post-fossil energy area. How to help the fossil energy-addicted if we had to stop suddenly using oil, gaz and all po ...

Created by Jonas Hejduk
Student / Multiple topics


An alternative way for managing and designing the city of the future. ...

Created by Jaime Castilla
Start-up / Multiple topics

Proyecto TIVA

Reforestation and reclamation of eroded, degraded, contaminated and unstable lands that affect the stability of the environment of low-income communit ...

Created by Claudia Rocio Neira Muñoz · 1 Comment
Start-up / Multiple topics

Simple Climate Action

Simple Climate Action is an innovative way to adapt to the changing climate in your community. It is fun, catchy and based in research. ...

Created by Ben Holt
Start-up / Multiple topics

SARHA – Leading the transformation of e...

SARHA is a startup that aims to promote the renovation of houses to be more efficient in their water and energy consumption ...

Created by Mariella Siña
Start-up / Multiple topics

Allying the Aquaponics with the Superadobe te...

Allying the Aquaponics (food) with the Superadobe technique (housing), our mission is to deliver sustainability and abundance to the world. ...

Created by rodrigo candido · 2 Comments
Creative Professional / Water

What if…

What if we could swim in one of the most polluted river of Brazil? ...

Created by Evelyn Araripe · 1 Comment
Creative Professional / Multiple topics

Sunly Sweetwater

The Brazilian semiarid region has too much sun and too little water, part of it highly brackish, what if the sun could make it drinkable? ...

Created by Bruno Berilli · 1 Comment
Student / Multiple topics

C2D Hub: Sustainable Dental Clinic Of The Fut...

The C2D Hub is a highly-functional, environmentally-friendly, community-conscious building that serves the needs of dental professionals and their pat ...

Created by Ranya Ilayian
Creative Professional / Multiple topics

Happy Help

The goal is to manage donation requests and to distribute through partnerships with logistics companies to the regions that need them most. ...

Created by Gustavo Perez
Start-up / Multiple topics

Reclaimed shirts upcycling

Comas is an upcycling clothing brand based in São Paulo. We produce women clothes using reclaimed men shirts and fabric waste from clothing factories ...

Created by Agustina Comas
Start-up / Multiple topics

Abaca Games: Empowering Climate Action Throug...

Abaca Games is an indie game startup that helps people learn climate actions. Our first game lets you plant real trees just by playing. ...

Created by Christopher Karounos · 5 Comments

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