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Track: Student
Topics: Energy
Location: Amsterdam, Pays-Bas

Per Fumare (lat)

Per Fumare (lat)

I created a scenario based in the post-fossil energy area. How to help the fossil energy-addicted if we had to stop suddenly using oil, gaz and all polluted energies. In a second case, how can we make "profit" from them. That's my scenario, where industries are surfing on a nostalgia trend to make money from the "good old C02 time".

Long Description

Some people like to pollute the planet, for certain people global warming doesn’t exist.

I made this scenario for them because we are going to make the energetic transition happens. But how to wean these people to their noisy and stinking car? How to make the transition when thousands of people will missed the smells and the odors from the 20th and 21th century? What about the plastic-burnt lovers? In my scenario the world is not perfect, but he’s smelling better. The atmosphere is clean, but maybe too clean for some people. The people would like to stain this too smooth society. The sociologist are worried about this, but the industries see a nice opportunity to make money from them, by producing new products, like perfume or soap with artificial odors from the past (oil, kerosene, etc…).

This scenario don’t have any solutions for solving the global warming, but is made to think about what next ? People, skeptical climato or not, will have to get used to this new society. C02 have been integrated into our collective unconscious, it’s going to be hard to live without it. Maybe we will see rising new freedom resistants, driving old cars in the streets, or cooking with gaz cook plate… How to help the nostalgics ? Maybe we will make money through goodies, soaps, perfume, fashion…But we can also think about real solutions to wean the humans to live in a new clean world. I would like to work again on these objects that i made and to question the humans behaviors.


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