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Creative Professional / Multiple topics

Are You Climate Ready? Oregon Human Climate R...

Are you climate ready? Find out how climate change affects your community and what you can do to thrive, adapt and survive as it happens ...

Created by Deborah Morrison · 15 Comments
Start-up / Multiple topics

The iThrone: an evaporative, off-grid toilet ...

Our portable evaporative toilet, which vaporizes 95% of daily onsite sewage volumes, expands access to safe, clean sanitation to families living witho ...

Created by Diana Yousef · 3 Comments
Start-up / Multiple topics

Backpack Radio Station

Mobile radio stations serve as mini databases by collecting and sharing data to predict future natural disasters such as tsunamis and volcanic eruptio ...

Created by Iman Abdurrahman
Start-up / Multiple topics

The Circular Temple Project

The Circular Temple Project develops sustainable communities bottom-up. We tap into religion creating a sustainable belief and mindset. ...

Created by Lilian van Stekelenburg
Start-up / Health

Breeze Technologies: Data-driven decision mak...

Breeze helps cities and businesses to create a more livable environment by providing actionable insights based on environmental sensor data. ...

Created by Forest Feltner · 1 Comment
Start-up / Multiple topics

Sensoterra: more crop per drop

Sensoterra: more crop per drop. Making it easy and affordable to measure soil moisture and produce more food for less. ...

Created by Daan Roethof
Start-up / Water

Rain(a)Way, using rainwater as inspiration

Rain(a)Way is an expert in rainwater design. We create climateproof design to infiltrate water & to enjoy the advantages of rain in the city. ...

Created by Fien Dekker · 1 Comment
Start-up / Multiple topics

Water Independence: just add sea and sun

Desolenator is a patented technology that uses just sunlight to purify water from any source into 100% clean drinking water. ...

Created by Louise Bleach
Start-up / Multiple topics

Warka Tower

Warka Tower is a vertical structure designed to harvest potable water from air, giving an alternative water source to rural populations ...

Created by Arturo Vittori
Start-up / Multiple topics

The EvoCCo Project, by Counting Carbon

Evocco is a web-based smart shopping assistant that empowers consumers to buy more eco-friendly food products. It gathers data about the environmental ...

Created by Hugh Weldon
Start-up / Multiple topics

Finch Floating Homes

Floating homes are the future. Locally-produced, affordable and sustainable living for the vulnerable delta’s of developing economies. ...

Created by Joran van Schaik
Student / Multiple topics

Levitating Reef

I am paling on building a levitating structure that can be the base of coral growth. this Structure will have the overall density of Salt water at 25C ...

Created by Nicolas Rotta · 1 Comment

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