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Track: Creative Professional
Topics: Water, Housing
Location: Eugene, Oregon

Are You Climate Ready? Oregon Human Climate Readiness Assessment Project

Are You Climate Ready? Oregon Human Climate Readiness Assessment Project

Are you climate ready? Find out how climate change affects your community and what you can do to thrive, adapt and survive as it happens

Long Description

Are you climate ready?

Do you know what you need to prepare for ongoing climate changes in your community?

Catastrophic hurricanes in Texas and Florida; unprecedented flooding in India and Bangladesh; western North America ablaze; rising sea levels around the globe; the spread of insect borne disease: all underscore the need for adaptation and action. Communities large and small, wealthy and poor are unprepared for these realities of climate change.

Are You Climate Ready? empowers individuals to understand our changing climate with personalized and location specific, accurate, actionable information.

Are You Climate Ready? will use aggregation tools, pulling climate science data and suggested actions from credible sources (National Weather Service, NOAA, ECMWF, NASA, insurance tables, local knowledge, etc.) to build location specific profiles of risks, expert recommended preparation, and ways to protect home and family.

Users enter a postal code to access essential information unique to their location, using website or app. Easy-to-read data visualization gives comparative data about flooding, sea levels, wildfires, etc in your area. Then, an icon leads to information about how to Thrive, Adapt, or Survive as these issues happen. Community networks via social media build support.

Inspiration for tools and DIY approaches are offered for different scenarios. The RUCR kit can be ordered by subscription or fully functional.

We’re a team of Oregon educators and communication specialists, dedicated to solving the climate preparedness issue with relevant scientific information, inspired design, and human connection. Our goal is to help everyone be climate ready.

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