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Track: Start-up
Topics: Health
Location: Hamburg, Germany

Breeze Technologies: Data-driven decision making for better air quality

Breeze Technologies: Data-driven decision making for better air quality

Breeze helps cities and businesses to create a more livable environment by providing actionable insights based on environmental sensor data.

Long Description

Air pollution is the single biggest environmental health threat of our time, killing nearly
7 million people per year and causing 5 trillion USD in damages world-wide (WHO). The
most common air pollutants i.e. ozone, particulate matter, carbon monoxide and
nitrogen oxides can contribute to climate change directly (ozone as number three of
the anthropogenic GHG) or indirectly (black carbon PM and its ability to absorb and
scatter light). These pollutants are anthropogenic and are located in urban areas. Most cities struggle to implement effective measures to mitigate air pollution because today’s decisions are not data-driven, and systems do not exist that assess the effectiveness of past interventions.


Until now, solutions to effectively monitor air quality and provide tailored solutions to local challenges have not existed. Sensing devices have been too big, complex and expensive, with decision-makers being left alone with data that requires scientific knowledge to understand. Additionally, there has been no knowledge transfer process for successful interventions.


Breeze solves this problem with affordable, small and smart sensors for our users. They are up to 50.000 times smaller and 1.000 times cheaper than traditional measurement devices, making them more feasible to install for businesses and cities alike.


This increased feasibility makes it easier for stakeholders to get more sensors, giving them a better picture of their air quality index (AQI). This high-resolution data allows stakeholders to adjust their decision-making processes accordingly. Additionally, we provide a marketplace of vendors offering air quality improvement products and services, then pair the stakeholders with the vendors that solve their specific needs. Finally, we continue to monitor the air quality after the solution has been implemented to ensure the desired change happens effectively and prevent new problems from arising.  


For cities, Breeze offers an easy-to-use UI platform for the citizens to access. Informing  citizens on the AQI in the different parts of their city. We also send daily emails to the citizens telling them where and when the pollution hotspots will happen that day using predictive data analysis, giving citizens the ability to adjust their schedules accordingly. Lastly, we drive behavioral change through seminars for kids informing them on air pollution and holding tri-annual meetings with the districts using our service.


Thanks to our proprietary Adaptive Cloud Calibration Engine (ACC) technology, Breeze has the ability to scale easily. This technology minimizes the need for manual recalibration of the sensors by calibrating each other using the information gathered. Our current main strategic market is the EU, and plan to expand into the African and Asian markets. We will use our USP of a cheaper price to enter the African market and penetrate the Asian market by focusing on implementing the gathered data into smart cities.

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