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Start-up / Multiple topics


Oricla is a fabric built from the edge loss fabric that are thrown away in tons in shirting factories after the cutting process. ...

Created by Agustina Comas
Start-up / Water

Water Proof

Creating visual tutorials to develop workshops about water filter and cisterns for remote communities in Guarujá with no access to sanitation. ...

Created by Raquel Rosenberg
Student / Food

VERMI – Composting & Farming Stati...

VERMI is a composting and farming solution for food waste disposal in urban households built on the system of vermiculture ...

Created by Natalia Hoosova · 1 Comment
Student / Multiple topics

Rags to Reams

R2R repurposes waste from the trillion-dollar global fashion market by turning it into a product for the multi-billion global paper market. ...

Created by William Masters · 3 Comments
Creative Professional / Energy

Be Radiant

An alternative, low tech, water based cooling system that creates healthy, resilient and flexible buildings ready for the next generations. ...

Created by Olaf Kramer
Student / Energy

Honest Money

Honest money helps people to divest their saving from un-environmentally friendly industries such as oil and coal industry ...

Created by Arif Abdillah
Student / Multiple topics

Circal: Turning Emissions into Resources

Turning harmful emissions from the shipping industry into resources by filtering it through Algae Producing Units, growing algae applicable in several ...

Created by Hein Laterveer
Creative Professional / Multiple topics

Hack My City (The Climate Adaptation Game)

A digital game that challenges competing teams to find the best climate adaptation solutions for different cities around the world. ...

Created by Alessandro Meiguins
Student / Housing

BamRoof Community

An innovative organic solution on disaster management that promotes the humanitarian side and safety for those affected. ...

Created by Leonel Mimendi
Creative Professional / Multiple topics

Tinku connecting business opportunities for r...

Tinku is an online platform that connects financing sources with sustainable projects in territory to address climate impacts ...

Created by Freddy Fuertes
Creative Professional / Multiple topics

Climate Heroes Save Our Town from the Monster...

To make climate adaptation stories popular and fun to read, a comic book will illustrate the best climate adaptation stories from around the world. Th ...

Created by Alessandro Meiguins
Student / Housing

Google Relief

Google Relief aims to help climate migrants, using AI to analyse the best location for rehousing and ensuring an efficient donation process. ...

Created by Roan Laenen

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