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Track: Student
Topics: Water, Energy, Health
Location: Rotterdam

Circal: Turning Emissions into Resources

Circal: Turning Emissions into Resources

Turning harmful emissions from the shipping industry into resources by filtering it through Algae Producing Units, growing algae applicable in several industries

Long Description

At Circal Technologies our goal is to turn the international container shipping industry into a more circular, sustainable business. As student start-up we want to reuse the harmful CO2, NOx, and SOx emissions from the vessels  as a resource. We achieve this by redirecting the emissions to our Algae Producing Units, which are normal shipping containers that cultivate algae. The algae absorb the gasses and use them as resource to grow exponentially, functioning as bio filter. The algae can be used for all kinds of commercial applications afterwards, ranging from bio-oil and bio-fuel to biochemicals and bio-plastics. Basically we want to reuse the enormous amounts of waste produced by this industry, harming both people and the environment, as a valuable resource to cultivate one of the most promising and versatile products.

The best component of the concept is that even the shipping companies themselves would financially benefit from our technologies. The main value we could add for these companies is the following: with sufficient SOx absorption, these companies could save money on fuel after the implementation of the IMO regulation on sulfur in 2020. These companies are forced to use more expensive desulpherised fuel, if they aren’t able to filter out the algae. By being able to provide value for everyone involved, even the environment, we believe Circal Technologies can help transforming the industry. Also, they could receive a percentage of the algae sales. It is our goal to save the shipping industry money, whilst saving the environment.

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