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Track: Start-up
Topics: Water
Location: Santos

Water Proof

Water Proof

Creating visual tutorials to develop workshops about water filter and cisterns for remote communities in Guarujá with no access to sanitation.

Long Description

One of the biggest consequences of climate change and natural disasters is the variation of the water level and water distribution around the planet: some places are suffering water shortages, while some others are  facing floods or seaquakes.

In this context, it is very important to create and disseminate alternatives for collecting and distributing water in different scenarios, since the current Government’s strategies being used until now are not efficient enough to attend the basic needs of big populations (mainly in developing countries).

To enable young people and adults become aware and act immediately and with more autonomy in moments of crisis, we propose to promote workshops that teaches techniques and solutions to collect and treat water in remote areas in Guarujá.

The main idea is to work in different scales, stimulating the collection and reuse of rain water with the construction of cisterns to be shared between families, as well as the basic treatment of water for human consumption with simple water filters for residences and institutions.

We can share the results of the workshops in three ways:

      educative content shared with communities with lack of information;
      the production of 5 cisterns (10.000l each) and 100 water filters that will help people with water supply problems  or people that consume non potable water;
      creating videos and step-by-step tutorials with drawings that explain how to build the cistern and the water filter, encouraging “do it yourself” practices and reaching more people directly and indirectly.

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Project Video:

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