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Track: Student
Topics: Food
Location: South Korea

VERMI – Composting & Farming Station

VERMI  – Composting & Farming Station

VERMI is a composting and farming solution for food waste disposal in urban households built on the system of vermiculture

Long Description

Excess food waste is a huge problem that we as a global society face. Around 30% of all food produced is being thrown away for different types of reasons. This is not only alarming due to the actual wastage of edible food but also due to the contribution food wastage has to emissions. The energy that goes into the production, harvesting, transporting, and packaging of that wasted food generates more than 3.3 billion metric tons of carbon dioxide. Food waste itself is the 3rd largest emitter of greenhouse gases and in Asia alone, the industrialized cities generate high numbers in terms of carbon footprint production tied to food wastage.


VERMI is a self-sustainable, composting and farming solution for food waste disposal in urban households. Built on the system of vermiculture, VERMI is offering an alternative way of dealing with organic waste from the convenience of users’ homes. Worms living in the bottom part of the station literally eat the organic waste and turn it into a rich compost and compost juice within a few months. The produced soil and juice can be later used for planting vegetables or flowers in the top part of VERMI. Equipped with an IOT system and a grow light, users are able to grow plants on a small scale right inside their homes.


Vermi is a campaign for food waste awareness and as compared to existing solutions on the market, is low-cost, low-maintenance and has zero to low-energy consumption.

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