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Track: Creative Professional
Location: Quito, Ecuador
Approach: Services

Tinku connecting business opportunities for resilient communities

Tinku connecting business opportunities for resilient communities

Tinku is an online platform that connects financing sources with sustainable projects in territory to address climate impacts

Long Description

As the UNFCCC has pointed out, one of the biggest challenges to combat climate change is to mobilize public, but especially private funds in a sustainable way. Although private investors worldwide are increasingly interested in financing climate change initiatives, information asymmetries prevent them from reaching the local actors that need them the most: vulnerable communities that require urgent adaptation solutions. This is where we see an opportunity.

What we propose is to develop a system to bridge this gap and match needs with available financial resources. “Tinku” is an online platform where local actors can showcase the climate change adaptation projects they need financing for, and where private investors can select projects they wish to support through the use of different financing models – from donations to investment and equities. The system’s design is inspired by existing crowdfunding tools, but it goes beyond.

The platform incorporates processes to secure project success and proper use of funds, and, as an added value, a certificate to be awarded to investors which can be used to advertise their products and services as ‘Climate Responsible’. The value of the certificate will be granted by the own network of funded projects and investors as mutual guarantee, discouraging the creation of a certification monopoly. In the long term, we expect the certificate to trigger a change in consumer behavior that motivates new investors to get involved to consolidate a sustainable financing system for climate change projects.

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