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Track: Student
Topics: Water, Energy
Location: New York City
Approach: Systems

Rags to Reams

Rags to Reams

R2R repurposes waste from the trillion-dollar global fashion market by turning it into a product for the multi-billion global paper market.

Long Description

Rags to Reams(R2R) couples the ancient art of turning textile rags into paper with modern day collection, manufacturing and distribution processes. R2R believes this technology has the potential to have a significant impact on mitigating landfill emissions, deforestation and virgin material consumption once reintroduced and expanded into the modern, circular economy. How it plans to do this is through innovative partnerships and incentive programs that will allow the company to minimize initial overhead, but maximize the amount of textiles collected and thus paper produced. By utilizing existing collection streams, R2R will acquire unwanted cotton and linen products and sort, shred, pulp and print the wasted fibers into various paper products. R2R plans to launch this venture in Holland, utilizing its well-established textile recycling agencies and also a native paper mill, Schut Papier, that specializes in creating alternative paper products. Once the paper is delivered into market, R2R will seek to obtain the majority of the paper it creates through similar recycling programs, aiming to use each fiber as many times as possible.

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