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Track: Start-up
Topics: Water, Energy, Food
Location: Nebraska, United States

Sensoterra: more crop per drop

Sensoterra: more crop per drop

Sensoterra: more crop per drop. Making it easy and affordable to measure soil moisture and produce more food for less.

Long Description

Our climate is changing; freshwater supplies are dwindling and droughts, flash floods and failed crops are more and more common. This makes our global food production unstable while our population continues to grow.


Agriculture consumes 70% of the world’s water supply to provide food for 7.5 billion people, yet agriculture is far behind when it comes to embracing digital solutions to solve problems of efficiency and quality in the production of food. Less than 1% of all farmers use sensors to understand their crops condition and needs. As a result, almost all farmers over-irrigate their crops by up to 60%, wasting money, precious water and damaging healthy soils.


That’s why we designed the Sensoterra soil moisture measurement system. A low cost and user-friendly tool for farmers that will make the agriculture sector more sustainable and efficient. The Sensoterra Multi Depth Probe will lower water use and increase yields in the agriculture sector, bringing agriculture professionals extensive insight into soil conditions.


The Sensoterra mission is to tackle water waste in agriculture and help farmers increase yield and decrease costs. In short; producing more food for less.

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