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Track: Start-up
Topics: Water, Food, Housing, Health
Location: Rua Coronel Francisco Brás, 1270 - pinheirinho, Itajubá-MG, Brasil, 37500-052
Approach: Services

Allying the Aquaponics with the Superadobe technique

Allying the Aquaponics with the Superadobe technique

Allying the Aquaponics (food) with the Superadobe technique (housing), our mission is to deliver sustainability and abundance to the world.

Long Description

As the natural disasters gets worse, the availability of resources decreases.

The traditional world’s sources of food and building materials increases the cost of the basic products needed for mankind, in addition, conventional agriculture wastes a lot of water and cement plants demands a lot of energy. They are polluting a lot.
There are alternative systems that can solve this problems with simple and scalable solutions.

Our mission is to deliver sustainability and abundance to the world.

To assist human needs allying the Aquaponics with the Superadobe technique.

One of the solutions is the Smart Aquaponics. In comparison to the ordinary agriculture methods, aquaponics saves up to 95% water. Using low cost technology our hardware system collects the data and controls the environment. The aquaponics combines intensive fish farming with hydroponics providing high efficiency organic food production, in a sustainable and smart way.

While aquaponics provides food with low water consumption, the superadobe technique can provide a low cost and robust housing solution, using local materials and requiring manual labor of only three people. The big issues of the superadobe technique are the hard work and the lack of experience of workers. Our solution for this is the Earth Bag Filler Machine, that facilitates the work guaranteeing quality and safety for future residents.

This solutions have been used and developed for centuries by civilizations around the world. We are just applying the brand new technologies on systems like these.

We are SANE – Solutions Allying Nature and Engineering.

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