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Track: Creative Professional
Topics: Housing
Location: Milano, MI, Italia

The Rebuild Project

The Rebuild Project

Building block sets, inspired by the drawings of children left homeless by natural disasters, sold to fund the reconstruction of real houses

Long Description

Due to global warming disasters, 500 million people could soon find themselves homeless.

But rebuilding can’t be just building again. It takes new tools, new knowledge, new houses and new builders, the builders of tomorrow.

That’s why we created THE REBUILD PROJECT: different building blocks limited edition sets, inspired by the drawings of children that lost their house during natural disasters.


Every set is a replica of a destroyed house, improved with special safety features explained for children: a one piece structure, support straps, solar panels, a wind-resistant shape.


The building block collection will be available on the Rebuild platform, where users will be able to purchase any building of their choice. The proceeds of each set will support the reconstruction of that building, not as toys, as real houses.


Thanks to THE REBUILD PROJECT we will build each house to survive climate change, we will build a culture of resilience to spread among new generations.

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