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Track: Creative Professional
Topics: Water
Location: The Netherlands

tinkle, shower to save

tinkle, shower to save

You should pee under your shower and save the planet. Lovely way to start your day!

Long Description

Let’s think about it for a moment, mathematically.

Every single time you pee, you have to flush the toilet. Whereas those foul smelly poops do need considerable amounts of water to send them off to the mysterious aquatic underworld below, urine barely needs any encouragement once the flushing begins. Daily millions amounts of water are wasted and it has to stop!  Save 2.555 liter water each year – per person

Tinkle while you take a shower, get cleaned up and save the planet. Easy to achieve.

We are four pee-ing ladies, we do believe in small human behavoir acts to change the world. Make thing normal.

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