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Track: Creative Professional
Topics: Water, Energy, Food, Housing
Location: Hagerstown, MD, USA

Tilting Hydroponics

Tilting Hydroponics

Tilting Hydroponics offers distributed vertical farming to urbanites the world over, and revolutionizes agriculture.

Long Description

Automated or manual hydroponics modules bring personal gardens right to your home, even if home is a high-rise apartment. Aesthetically augmenting a buildings exterior, tilting hydroponics can be a piece in city planning and beautification efforts.  Real estate developers may soon eye hydroponics as a coating alternative to aluminum composites, as well as an amenity to renters.

Conversely, tilting hydroponics has the ability to be marketed as a consumer good as well. Multiple sizes and levels of automation could meet any budget. Access to gardening should be available, wherever one chooses to live.

Tilting hydroponics functions by absorbing sunlight while inclined outward, while reducing the host building’s UV absorption. Come time for harvest, the user can simply rotate the module to face their apartment balcony or window. The module is mounted to the balcony structure and does not reduce useable floor space.

This ad-hoc endeavor is transitioning from a few collaborating young professionals to a start-up. We have developed a fully functioning prototype and are excited to begin testing! Our team is not seeking patent protection for tilting hydroponics, but we are interested in organizing Intercept Nexus as an LLC or 501(c)(3) in the US, seeking investment, and manufacturing the product in-house. We want this product to remain open-source for the betterment of society, as we all face climate change together.


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