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Track: Start-up
Topics: Water, Energy, Food
Location: Avenida Doutor Chucri Zaidan, 940 - Vila Cordeiro, São Paulo - SP, Brasil
Approach: Services

A Convenient Truth: Profit and sustainability are two sides of the same coin.

A Convenient Truth: Profit and sustainability are two sides of the same coin.

We believe that a successful project has as an indispensable condition the ceaseless search for efficient and sustainable practices to produce the maximum value for the Client and preserve natural resources for the development of society. We focus our services in two segments that have the highest relevance in human health and the habitat in which we live: the production of food and the generation of renewable energies. The relevance that these factors have on the planet we live in and our health is the key to our growth, as it is the single greatest factor for our society`s survival and development. We are a team of engineers, agronomists, surveyors, legal and financial advisors with the capacity to undertake integral, multidisciplinary technical advisory, develop and manage projects, as well as execute turnkey projects.

Long Description

Our food comes from agriculture that often is unsustainable financially, technically and environmentally. Agriculture is responsible for approximately 20% of climate change actions, the consumption of approximately 70% of fresh water, and uses pesticides and fertilizers that wash from irrigation systems and impact our rivers and seas.

One of our service areas focuses on rice, the staple food source of more than half of the world’s population, which has a water footprint of 784 km3/year and causes 9% of human methane emissions, placing this crop as one of the biggest water consumers and methane emitters in the world. This considerable environmental impact is caused mainly by the way its water is managed. Because this crop is planted in unique flooded conditions, in Brazil, it is usually the only crop a rice farmer has as a source of income in a year. A cycle is created in which detrimental herbs thrive unless the farmer moves to new planting areas, or uses herbicide resistant rice of lower quality, which in the long term generates herbicide resistant herbs.

The solution we propose for rice allows it to prosper, without loss of yields, in rotation with a profitable winter crop and a different profitable summer crop via the implementation of a specifically designed irrigation system, in fields previously overlooked for this crop. This creates a natural herb control, improves soil structure/fertility, up to 50% water savings, control of chemicals/fertilizers applied, lowers tillage and reduces greenhouse gas emissions compared to flooded fields.

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