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Track: Student
Topics: Food
Location: Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
Approach: Communications

Combating Climate Change Through Green Afforestation By Sustainability

Combating Climate Change Through Green Afforestation By Sustainability

As young people growing up in South Africa, we have seen the impacts of climate change on our environments and is mainly due to our negligent activities that we need to fight, of which our project is one of the fighting weapons we can use to combat climate change. Our main idea is to grow green plants through afforestation and greenhouses. Within our greenhouses we will be growing different vegetation and flowers by organic practices. Within greenhouses we will be able to increase fresh produce yield, thus increasing economic and be able to support growing population. We also want to have a nursery site and aquaculture systems that will consist of high diversity of plants, fish and pollinators and this will increase economic status of the country though ecotourism and encourage education to the young people about sustainability by green plantation.

Long Description

As we will be growing many green plants, more carbon dioxide will be absorbed form the atmosphere through photosynthesis and their distribution will increase. As more plants and flowers will be grown, biodiversity will increase which will further increase biological interactions such as pollination, thus many other species will be supported such as birds and insects and this will increase biodiversity further. This will increase ecotourism from the flowers and plants grown within greenhouses and nursery site and this will increase job creation and reduce socio-economic issues. Also, as more plants are grown food availability will increase to support the growing population in this way illiteracy will be reduced which will cause many other people to have initiative in combating the issue of climate change. As we will be having aquaculture systems, we will use our greenhouse plants as filtrates to remove diseases and we will be able to increase diversity of growing aquaculture organisms such as fish. These fish species will be grown in a sustainable way such as no use of insecticides which can be done through ecolabelling and we may eventually get carbon tax.
Our nursery sites will be of great advantage for conserving mainly the endangered, indigenous species which are commercially important, thus attracting more tourists and create love for flowers. As it will be carried in a more sustainable way it will get high recognition and management and this could lead to it being considered as a protected area, thus more attention to people worldwide.

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